On-site services are a crucial element of obtaining the full benefit of our experience and developing your franchise business.  If your are initiating a franchising program with your brand, the team leaders (both at the executive,  corporate and field levels) need to be trained and mentored to prepare them for the franchise business model.   Many elements of the franchising process must be learned to avoid missteps and legal issues.   If your franchising initiative isn’t meeting the expected results, we can review the franchise model, your services and interview franchisees to determine what changes, if any; will create improved results.  Some of the on-site services include:

  • Customize your Franchise Sales Process
  • Customize the Administration & Collections Manuals to fit your unique system
  • Create an E-Filing System or hard paper Central Filing System  (high importance)
  • Conduct training presentations for all employees involved with franchising
  • Present Franchise Compliance training seminars
  • Assist in creating your UFOC/FDD, Franchise Agreement and Development Agreement
  • Assist in buying or selling franchise locations
  • Attend Discovery Day
  • Help create your franchise brochure and strategic franchise adverting
  • Establish relevant franchise administrative policies to team members
  • Seed Deal Processing – selling of your company restaurants

Off-site services are a creative way to obtain experienced, professional franchise executives services and establish meaningful processes at an extremely reasonable cost.  Some of the off-site services can include:

  • Candidate processing
  • Distribution and tracking of UFOC/FDD disclosure
  • Screen candidates
  • Conduct credit and criminal background checks using your vendor
  • Follow up with candidate references
  • Provide phone mentoring to employees (responding to their daily inquiries)
  • Qualify candidates before anyone invests their valuable time with an unqualified candidate
  • Collection of financial obligations under Development, Franchise and Lease Agreements
  • Issuance of Default Notices
  • Create work out plans for delinquent franchisees
  • UFOC/FDD review
  • Create Franchise and Development Agreements with your forms
  • Assist in creating weekly communications to your franchise system
  • Field services audit – are you performing to your side of the contract?

Special services include:

  • Franchise Satisfaction Survey
  • Franchise Litigation support


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