We offer four key products to enhance your franchising initiative.  Each product can be your “go-to” source for policies and procedures. These products are:


This Manual provides the necessary and crucial elements to establish a well-organized administrative department. It contains over 20 chapters and exhibits including:

  • Franchise Applications
  • Franchise Sales Tracking
  • Candidate Approval Process
  • Discovery Day Format
  • License Transfer Process
  • A CD with all forms for customization
  • And much more

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This Collections manual offers insights to:

  • A disciplined Collection Process
  • Collection Strategies
  • Collection Tactics
  • Sample letters
  • Default & Termination Letters
  • De-identification Checklist
  • Management Presentation Format
  • A CD with all forms and presentations
  • Other insights to a successful collection program

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Conducting a Franchise Satisfaction Survey is a key step in understanding your:

  • Strengths
  • Challenges
  • Opportunities

The questionnaire is custom designed to solicit subjective and objective responses from either a very general overview or specific key points you need feedback on to create a strategic plan.  A comprehensive management presentation and analysis with recommendations is presented after the survey information is received.  We quote the price of each Survey based on its specific customization, number of respondents and whether it is going to be an electronic or mailed form.



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a great resource for franchise litigation.


Specializing in:

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